Responsible ownership and disposal platform.

Responsibly manage the stuff you own

Get services like the book a repair, book a demo, store all product related documents like warranty cards, invoices, bills in one place. Check out the fair market value of products, and the exchange offers available on leading sites.

Responsibly discard the things you don’t need

Exchange the old used items & get exciting new products. In doing so you ensure that the old items are responsibly recycled and not dumped. (e.g newspaper, plastic, electronic waste, apparels).

Awesome Features

Here’s a short brief of how UZED app helps you to manage everything you own responsibly and then dispose it when you don't need them.

 Get stuff responsibly recycled

With over 100 recyclers UZED ensures responsible recycling of plastic, paper, metal and wood. Don’t throw away your discards share it on used and get rewarded.

 Efficient management of stuff

UZED application lets you create and manage a comprehensive digital catalogue of anything that you own and use.

 One Touch Connect with brands

Reduce the stress & frustration of having to look for information which is most of the time not handy. With UZED, you have the easiest Way to Connect Customer Care, whenever the need arises.

 Fare Market value

Our pricing algorithm compares the prices of the product across multiple listing portals to arrive at a fare market value.

 Find nearest authorized service centre

Connecting with several brands and authorised service centres spread across India with one touch.

 Get Best Exchange Offers

Instant updates on exchange offers available from brands on online portals Amazon, Flipkart, Pepper Fry Or offline in the stores near you.

How it Works

It doesn't get easier than this. Just a few taps and your UZED stuff is exchanged for new ones.

Our Partners

The U-Exchange points that you get along with the new products helps you save on your shopping. To facilitate the exchange process, we have tied up with your favourite brands where you can shop and utilize the U-Exchange Points you have earned by giving old stuff. Visit the Partner Stores , select the products you want to buy, share the unique code for U-Exchange Points and buy new products at special exchange prices.

What others say about us

We take pride in our service. The result is a never-ending love from our customers.

G. vamsi krishna

"They are coming on exact picup time. Service is also good. And friendly behavior.
U r picup execute said about U-Exchange Points in good manner.”

Rajkumar Singh

“Nice app Brilliant concept and brilliant team. My room has lot of space thanks to Uzed . Really good and courteous staff. I also used some u money on centro. Very good job team Uzed.”

Srikanta Panigrahy

“I love this idea. Just keep improving guys. I have Router and Hub how can I sell them. Hey there should a buy option too. So that we can buy anything used product or new product.”

Saiteja Gangula

"Good thought bought up by you people...great helping hands... Narsing Rao a good guy..perfect job done by you...:)”

Narendar Raju

“Great solution to get value out of your used stuff. I was able to sell my old trousers, jeans,shirts and bags which were lying in my cupboard and free a lot of space. Items pick up was smooth by uzed pick up boys. ”

Abdul Saifiyan

“Nice It's a nice app u could use your old clothes to get replace by new just by paying 50 percent cash ”

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